Who Are We?

The Curious Mind Is an initiative to help people struggling with various mental health problems. A 2015 report by WHO says that 1 in 5 people in India may suffer from depression in their lifetime. The stigma related to this is also not hidden. Majority of people suffering from some kind of mental disorders do not share it with others. We, therefore, have created a platform where you can share your thoughts openly.

Our Approach

We are not here to prescribe any medicines or drugs. Our focus is to spread awareness among people and diminish the stigma around mental disorders in India. Our country is passing through a stressful time where we are climbing the ladder of development at an unprecedented pace. Anxiety, Depression, Stress, and Other mental health issues are becoming normal these days. We believe that is imperative that we come together to tackle these issue so that we can reach our natural state of joyousness.

Our Mission

Our sole purpose is to counter mental health problems by spreading awareness and bringing people closer to each other. We believe that everyone deserves to live a joyful life. The mental disorders are ignored by society due to lack of awareness or the social stigma related to it. But not anymore!

We urge people to support the initiative and become an active participant. It is important that all of us come together to reach a stage where we at least admit the various mental health issues prevalent in our society. And with the right approach, we will definitely be able to diminish these issues.