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“Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned.”

-Gautam Buddha

Catching up to Anger Management but lets first understand what anger means. It is a strong feeling when one want to hurt someone or itself or be unpleasant because of something unfair or unkind that has happened.

Some might think that having emotion like anger is not good but, is it really true? Being angry is a normal and healthy emotion. Like any other emotion, anger it also conveys a message, telling that a situation is upsetting, unjust or threatening. Because of which person feels mistreated and miserable. The problem begins when a  person expresses it while harming himself or others. If someone has a bad temper, he may feel like it is out of hands and there’s little that can be done to tame the beast. If a person thinks that he can’t control his anger and it has become part of his character then that thought requires little scrutiny. One can learn to express emotions without hurting others. For that one should know the real reason for this issue. Here are Potential causes and treatment for Anger.

What could be the causes of Anger?

1. Upbringing:

How people cope with this issue is often influenced by their upbringing. There may have been circumstances when a person is told not to get angry and because of which he suppresses it. This results in long term problems where one inappropriately react to a certain situation. One may have grown up thinking that it’s always okay to act out aggressively or violently. And didn’t learn how to understand and manage it. This could mean that one can have angry outbursts whenever things don’t happen as per expectation.

2. Present situation

If someone is dealing with a lot of other problems in life then anger might be triggered more than usual. Even minute things are capable of generating frustration in such situations. Also, anger is a part of grief. If a person has lost someone in a close relationship, it can be hugely difficult to cope with all the conflicting things one might be feeling. 

3. Psychosocial causesAnger and depression person

Psychosocial factors such as stress, abuse, poor social or familial situations, and poverty could be the reason. 

4. Trauma

A history of trauma like sexual traumatization may lead to a person behave in an uncontrolled way. These persons can get irritated very easily and show a number of anger issues. The constant revision of the past makes the person angry about the present situation.

5. Medical Causes 

Drug addiction, alcoholism, and hormonal changes may lead to a person commit an aggressive act. In these influences, the person consciousness is disturbed and hence a person reacts in a situation without being empathetic.

Health Problems Due To Anger

person showing heart pain

1. Anger Puts The Heart At Great Risk:

Most of the physically damaging effect of anger is on cardiac health. People who have a destructive reaction towards it are more likely to have heart attacks. 

2. Anger  Weakens The Immune System:

Many studies have shown that chronic exposure to stress, anxiety, and negative moods generally can affect physical health to a large extent. When a person gets mad all the time, he just might find himself feeling sick more often. A study conducted by specialists from Pennsylvania State University in State College has found that negative moods may change how the immune response functions. And they are associated with an increased risk of exacerbated inflammation ( impairs wound healing and increases scarring)

3. Anger Is Also Linked To Depression:

Everyone experiences anger at some point in their life, which is ok. But long term aggression can be a symptom of depression. So a piece of advice for someone struggling with depression mixed with anger will be to keep themselves engaged in pleasant activities and stop overthinking.

4. Anger Can Hurt Lungs:

Not a smoker? But an angry and hostile person also could be hurting his lungs. A group of Harvard University scientists studied 670 men over eight years using a hostility scale scoring method to measure anger levels and assess any changes in the men lung function. The men with the highest hostility ratings had significantly worse lung capacity, which increased their risk of respiratory problems. 

5. Anger Can Shorten Life Span:

Stress and anger can shorten the lifespan says Fristad who is a renowned psychologist. Studies say that couples who hold in their anger have a shorter life span than those who readily speak when they’re mad. If someone infringes on individuals rights, he needs to speak up. Directly tell people what he is mad about, and what one needs. 




Manage Stones


Anger management is a  tool to keep oneself in a peaceful state of mind without hijacking life activities. The negative effect of anger has been observed throughout history and so in modern times. The concept of controlling it has been translated into its Management. The ideal goal is to control and regulate this issue so that it does not result in problems. 

Many people think that Anger Management is about learning to suppress angry emotions. But never getting angry is not a healthy goal. Anger will come out regardless of how hard one tries to tamp it down. Its management does not mean to suppress feelings. But rather to express the emotion in a more healthy way without losing control. Even the Dalai Lama gets annoyed from time to time. In his own words: “you never stop getting angry about small things. In my case, when my staff does something carelessly, then my voice goes high. But after a few minutes, it passes.”

When a person understands how to manage anger, he will not only feel better but be able to manage conflict in his life and strengthen his relationships.

Treatment To Prevent Anger 

1. Get Enough Sleep:

Not getting enough and proper sleep could be the reason for Anger. Giving proper rest to the body is healthy and keeps such issues at bay. 

2. Do Yoga Daily:Yodic pose

Doing yoga daily can help to overcome not only anger but anxiety, stress, and a lot of other problems as well. Yoga is increasingly becoming popular and its benefits are known to all. It is a comprehensive method that addresses the overall health. 

3. Have A Good Diet: 

It is surprising to see how a person diet and eating Diet Food on platehabits can help to control anger. Researches say that the behavior of a person can substantially depend upon his diet. Studies also say that people having non-veg in their diet schedules show much more high temper than people having vegetarian food.

Secondly, regularly including some refreshing food in the diet like juicy fruits can bring freshness, calmness, and peaceful state of mind.







If someone is not comfortable showing negative emotions, then working with a therapist or practicing with self to be more expressive could be a good idea.

“Learning to express anger in an appropriate way is actually a healthy use of anger,”                                                                                                                                             –  Mary Fristad( Psychologist)

If you or someone close to you have gone through any Mental Health problems then we urge you to share your story to bolster other individuals. Click here to share your story. Every effort counts.

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