We suffer more in mind than reality. The intensity may differ from person to person but its a fact. we are fearful and anxious about things or situations that we don't understand. For example, we very often find people afraid of using escalators but regular users don't find it a big deal, no thoughts are given to it. Isn't the same happening with us?

Life is uncertain and very complex. In today's hectic lives, every day brings a new challenge that we have not faced before. We are put in a situation that we have no experience of. At that time fear, anxiety, and worry get the better of us. In fact, some bad experiences leave strong imprints on us and haunt us for a long time.

Spirituality-the science of mind

Think of it like this- life is a journey on a bicycle that is mind. From start to end the view is very pleasant. The journey offers beautiful rivers, mountains, green fields, and gardens. But the road on which we are traveling is broken at some places or has some sharp turns that tend to disbalance the bicycle. But suppose if you are an expert in cycling and know how to handle your vehicle. Then, of course, the journey will be completed without much hassle.

Therefore, When we understand or know the mind, most of our suffering vanishes. And the study of mind and its functioning has always been a theme of spirituality. This science of mind is not new to our Indian Culture. We have been following it for ages. let us give it another shot.



Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Art of Living

Eckhart Tolle

Spiritual Teacher

Dalai Lama

Spiritual Teacher