Here you have the opportunity to read the stories of people who were in the past or currently facing some psychological disorders. You can get inspired or concerned people will support you if some help is needed. Feel free to share because it can help others or may even help you.

My Fight With Anxiety Disorder!

All was good till Ist year of my college, then after, I suffered through mental illness. I knew nothing about this term "mental illness". It took more than 2 years to find out and accept that I am suffering through an anxiety disorder. I was hard on myself before, I took it as my weakness or laziness, not an illness because I couldn't see it. Feeling guilty all the time made me depressed. Reading suicide news increases my anxiety. I consulted psychiatrist anyhow, but it didn't help me. I consulted another psychiatrist and then psychotherapist and now I can say I'm good. It is an Obsession of thoughts and I can manage now. Mental illness is not a weakness, it can happen to anybody just like any other illness.

- Anonymous supporter

Finding the roots of Depression

Mind, with all its intricacies, beauty, awe and bewilderment is constant chattering madhouse, and you my friend are the owner. I know, owner, huge word, brings a lot of responsibility, and with that comes guilt - the root cause of your major problems.
I was a constant depression for myself and the people around me, thanks to my rational perspectives on life and fast processing emotionless brain. The sheer agony of my parents saying don't come to my office, your presence chokes the environment.
It's difficult, and you, well in the case me, was bigger than difficult, always have, always will. I know reading this might not make you feel like you are bigger, but if you look at your life, you might have felt, you couldn't make it, or its time you gave up, but you surely made through.
I know the state of hibernation, the desire to do nothing just lying down and so much turmoil, you don't even want to run, you are like a dead leaf in a lifeless pond. But it won't be the same, never has never will. Things will change, as always and who knows you might be thrown out of the pond.
Scientifically, or rather biologically, it's solvable, depression anxiety it's all modern era problems, they were not there or abundantly present earlier reason? Simple, hard labor or in other words - move your body baby.
We all get angry, sad, miserable, joyful and blissful and different moments of our life. And let no emotion, state or your possessions define who you are. They all keep changing.
Whenever I see someone depressed, I notice a pattern, its mostly bad eating, no workout, extreme solitude, and absolutely no emotional venting or even casual talking altogether.
I am not a therapist, I am not a certified medical practitioner, but I will say this, relax or don't, things will get better or worse, you might recover or not, it is all in your hands.
One last thing, you feel your brain is very important with all that chattering and the logic, so it is fine if it drives your life. You know its wrong because the gut feeling is always bigger than the feelingless logical mind.
Well, Life, it's a journey, not a project, not a product, definitely not a movie and none of the things you see on the screen. And journeys are not always beautiful mountains, gardens, and beaches. There are trash, dirt, and gunk everywhere, especially in your being, mind, and body. Accept it, love it, grow out of it.
- Ravneet

Some Food For Thought.

LIFE simply unfolds continuously, it just keeps on moving whatever the situation may be.🙄

But MIND and BODY have different stories:
While BODY that is vibrant and energetic at younger stages, in later stages the inertia of it comes into the picture and keeps increasing as the time rolls. In this condition, if the life accelerates at greater rates the body pushes us backward with proportionally larger force!!🧐

On the other hand, MIND which is fresh and memory-less in younger stages creates a huge database of different impressions derived from the experiences that one goes through over time. This database acts a feed for a unique entity known as EMOTION!!! These emotions may be sweet, bitter, etc. but many a time it is quite sticky and tends to stuck anywhere with anybody or anything, which pulls us back as life tries to move forward, more lag means more backward force.🧐

As a RESULT, we feel stress and anxiety which may go up to depression or it may take many other expression depending on external situation.😲

So, What we have to do is: Not to stuck with anything emotionally and keep the body physically fit...... ANYHOW!!!🙄

- Nilambuj Kumar

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