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Why Stress?

In day to day life, people say many times a day that “I am stressed!” or “day was stressful!”. Here, they might just be talking about the pressure that they encounter. But none of us exactly know the meaning of stress. The situation of extreme pressure that has been put on someone due to various conditions and events is usually considered as stress. In medical terms, stress definition has not been declared yet. But the quintessential stress meaning is ‘the common phenomena of pressure in day to day life’.

The term stress has a great irony behind it. The irony is that mental illness causes stress and stress cause mental illness. Its primary symptoms are physical tiredness and ailments like headaches, upset stomach, etc. There could be many reasons for this and it can drastically affect one’s health. when a person feels stressed out he often find it hard to sleep or eat well. Poor diet and lack of sleep can both affect one’s physical as well as mental health. This, in turn, can make one feel more stressed out emotionally.

What are the common symptoms of stress?

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The person suffering from stress may come across a variety of signs. The person may feel irritated, aggressive, impatient or over-burdened. The feeling of anxiety, nervousness, and depression are some of the commonly found symptoms of stress. Also, there might be a change in the behavior of the person where he could face problems while making decisions. Others symptoms include

  • Constant worry, biting the nails, unable to concentrate, restlessness and eating too much.
  • One might also suffer through a variety of physical issues like muscle tensions, blurred eyesight, and shallow breathing.
  • Problem in getting good sleep or staying asleep for long.
  • Sexual problems, such as losing interest in sex or being unable to enjoy sex.
  • Constant grinding of teeth or clenching of jaw and feeling of tiredness.
  • Headaches, chest pains, high blood pressure, indigestion or heartburn.
  • Constipation or diarrhea, and feeling sick, dizzy or fainting.

What are the causes of stress?

Like any other mental disorder, stress is also caused by a variety of factors triggered by things happening in one’s life. Some of the common causes of stress are:-

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Causes Of Stress

  • Being under lots of pressure
  • Facing big changes
  • Worrying about something
  • Not having much or any control over the outcome of a situation
  • Having responsibilities that one finds overwhelming
  • Not having enough work, activities or change in life
  • Times of uncertainty

Above-mentioned causes of stress might not be the only reasons. One can suffer from it due to many other reasons as well. Some of the above mentioned commonly found causes might help in self-assessment.

How can we manage stress?

Stress management is important for people that often face stressful situations. One can go through a variety of steps to deal with it. But the management process may vary from person to person. So here is the list of things to be done to manage the stress.

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1. Identify the triggers:

One should work out on the causes that trigger stress. These reasons could be any events or things that happen regularly or in an unexpected way. After analyzing the trigger one can work in the direction of avoiding it or if in case it is an unavoidable thing then one can be prepared for the same.

2. Organize time:

Time management is the biggest buster for people suffering from stress on a daily basis. The pressure of performance often leads the person towards it. In such a situation, one should keep in mind the following factors given below:-

  • One should identify the best time of the day when he can give his 100% without being stressed
  • Make a to-do list. It really helps to plan things.
  • Set achievable targets.
  • Mix 2-3 activities to avoid getting stressed out.
  • Ask for the help of people as and when required.

This will definitely help to manage stress without hampering daily routine.

3. Address some of the causes:

Although there is a huge list that may cause stress to a person. It is advisable to prepare a list of its causes in daily life. Some of the common causes can be housing, finances, work, student life or can be either family or personal issues. Addressing some of the common causes will help manage the stress in day to day life.

4. Accept the things we can't change:

One should accept such things that are not going to change for the entire life even after numerous efforts. By accepting this one can use his time and energy effectively to perform productive tasks.

What are the treatments recommended by the doctors?

Stress therapy imageStress is not a medical diagnosis, so there are not any specific treatments for it. Individuals can cope with this disorder using a variety of treatments available in the world of medicine. one can opt for talking treatments in which he can share thoughts and feelings with the other persons. One can also go to the doctors for such sessions. In some cases, medicines can be used for treatment. Also, there is a new therapy available to deal with the problem of stress called Ecotherapy. This therapy is a way of improving wellbeing and self-esteem by spending time in nature. This can include physical exercise in green spaces or taking part in a gardening or conservation project.

Stress is the feeling of coping up with overloaded and struggling situations. This may include problems related to money, housing, relationships, work-life balance, etc. In some cases, it can also act as a motivator for the person because the productivity of the person in pressure is much better than the person not in stress. But one should maintain a balance so that it does not turn out to be a mental disorder, costing entire life. Being healthy and sound is always a priority.

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